Roshan | Product Manager

Roshan | Product Manager

👋🏽 About me

Experienced product manager with a background in SaaS, consulting, and sales
Deep user empathy and owner mentality
Technical(ish); proven execution skills; strong product-sense

👀 What I’m looking for

Looking for…
Not looking for…
* Remote or optional in-office * Product Manager * Individual contributor
* Hybrid / In Office * Product Owner, Product Development Manager, Scrum Master, Project Manager * People manager
* Series B+ startups; well funded (ideally) * SaaS
* Seed & Series A startups; less than 1.5y of funding/runway * Consulting;
* Yes& philosophy * Ethical, operate in good faith, mindful * Lets try this; experimentation culture
* It’s not my job attitude, handoff culture * Win at all costs, cutthroat, authoritarian * We’ve always done it this way: business as usual culture
* Works well async * Assigned eng & UX counterparts * Agile pod within +/- 3h time zone
* Meeting heavy culture * No assigned eng & UX counterparts * Agile pod dispered across international time zones
* Has problem/domain expertise * Empathetic, good listening * Strategic, can articulate vision/goals
* Outsources problem/domain expertise * Iron-fisted, emotionally volatile * Too tactical; seeks constant status updates
* Customer facing * Solves a meaningful user or market problem
* Internal; backend; shared services * Commodity; does something slightly better or differently than others
Anything else that is not →
* FinServ, Healthcare, MFG, Pharma, Telecom, Utilities, Auto * Any heavily regulated industry

💪🏽 What I love doing / what I’m good at

E2E Ownership | Playing a role at every stage
  • I love the research, design, build, deploy, and GTM phases of product launches
  • I’m good at driving projects from start to finish because I feel accountable for every piece of it
Grokking | Building deep understanding tactically, technically, & strategically
  • I love getting in the technical weeds, exploring the bigger picture, and tying it all together
  • I’m good at executing because I can go low or go high
Empathizing | Understanding users & team members
  • I love understanding people and how to solve their most meaningful pain points
  • I’m good at solving team & user problems because I care about what matters to them

Solutioning | Organizing, aligning, & problem solving
  • I love problem discovery, brainstorming, and synthesizing ideas
  • I’m good at working with ambiguous problems because I can think critically and creatively

🎯 Short & long term career goals

Short term
Long term
Role > Level
PM → Sr. PM
Principal PM → TBD
Company > Size
Startup, <1000 people
N/A - Seeking stability
Company > Culture
Growth, collaborative, fun
Work / life balance; mission-driven
Technical, execution
Domain / Industry., Strategy, SME

🙅🏽‍♂️ Must-nots / dealbreakers

4M Framework | Market, Mirror, Management, & Money


  • I want to feel inspired and energized by leadership
  • I must not be at the mercy of an authoritarian or ruthless C-suite
  • Example: I must not be yelled at, have my character attacked, or see leaders disparaging employees (or competitors).


  • I want to feel proud of what I’m contributing to
  • I must not feel ethically conflicted or ashamed of what I’m building
  • Example: I must not be exploiting poorly informed users with bad product


  • I want a big (enough) TAM that can be captured
  • I must not serve such a niche area that it pigeonholes me into a narrow specialty
  • Example: I must not work on software that can only be used by <X,XXX customers. In the US.


  • I need enough to live in the bay area, pay a mortgage, max out my 401k, and save for my kid’s college education.